Monday, March 17, 2008



PyCon 2008 has just finished, and I thought I would post some of the things I have seen that are relevant to Crunchy:

I gave a half hour talk on Crunchy's capabilities and architecture (you can read a short article that accompanied the talk and have look at the slides here). It seemed to be well received, and there were some interesting questions and suggestions from the audience.

A few people were interested in the security implications of Crunchy: one suggestion to fix this is to use SELinux. Brett Cannon's work on sandboxing Python has been on hold as he was rewriting the import system.

The other major item of interest was Michael Foord's talk on using Silverlight. He demonstrated an interpreter very like the one that Crunchy provides - but all the code was running in the browser and was properly sandboxed. Silverlight looks like it might be the way forward for Crunchy: we will be investigating it once we have released version 1.0.

I was also interviewed by Dr. Dobb's Journal about Crunchy: you can hear what I had to say here.


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